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Financial Data For Innovators.

TagniFi Fundamentals

Timely and accurate standardized balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement data.

TagniFi Footnotes

As-reported footnote data including inventory, PP&E, leases, pensions, stock options, segments, and more.

TagniFi Deals

A comprehensive public and private M&A transaction database with details on over 50,000 deals.

TagniFi Markets

End-of-day price and volume data. Available as split-adjusted and dividend-adjusted for your analysis.

TagniFi Profiles

Company profiles, IPO details, industry classification, competitors, and daily metrics.

TagniFi Econ

Link your Excel models to economic data from 82 countries. Refresh the data with one click.

TagniFi Recommendations

Buy, sell, hold, overweight and underweight recommendations for 4,000+ companies.

TagniFi Estimates

Link your Excel models to revenue, EBITDA and EPS estimates for 4,000+ companies.

TagniFi Banks

Analyze financial institutions with comprehensive financials on 5,000+ public and private banks.

TagniFi Funds

Historical closed-end mutual fund data including discount, yield, net assets, and more.

TagniFi Investors

Private equity investor profiles including portfolio companies, team bios, advisors, and more.

TagniFi People

Profiles on company executives, investment professionals, financial, and legal advisors.

TagniFi Middle-Market

Founder-owned and family owned middle-market companies.