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Add Your WhisperMetrics

Add Your WhisperMetrics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is WhisperMetrics?

WhisperMetrics includes deal data contributed by TagniFi clients on middle market M&A transactions involving private companies where limited or no data is disclosed.

Why do I need WhisperMetrics?

Only 1 in 20 middle market deals disclose some level of financial terms which leaves 19 out of 20 deals with no data available publicly. WhisperMetrics fills this void by harnessing the power of the TagniFi community to collect key details on these M&A transactions.

Do I need to be a TagniFi client to participate?

Yes, WhisperMetrics is only available to TagniFi clients. For a limited time, you can earn 1 month of TagniFi Pro for every 5 deals you contribute WhisperMetrics on.

Can I contribute data on transactions I was not involved in?

Yes, you can earn credit for contributing data on transactions even if you were not directly involved in the deals.

How accurate is the WhisperMetrics data?

WhisperMetrics is very accurate. We review every contribution and check them against other contributions to verify accuracy.

Do my WhisperMetrics credits roll over?

Yes, your WhisperMetrics roll over for as long as you have an active Pro subscription.

What if I find data that is incorrect?

If you challenge the WhisperMetrics contributed by another user, you will receive 1 credit for your contribution.

Can I contribute data covered under an NDA?

No, we do not accept contributions if you are prohibited from disclosing transaction data under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Will I receive credit if the deal data is already public?

No, to receive credit, you must contribute metrics that are not already publicly available. If we do not have the metrics you are contributing attached to a deal, you will receive credit.

Can I contribute data on transactions involving publicly traded companies?

No, to prevent the sharing of material non-public information, we do not accept data on transactions involving public companies.

Can I contribute data on transactions that have not yet been announced?

No, we only accept information on deals that have been publicly announced.

Can I access WhisperMetrics on the EDU or Value plans?

No, WhisperMetrics is only available on Pro plans.