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Standardized footnote data for commercial, banking and insurance companies.


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TagniFi Footnotes.

33 Footnote Sections

Standardized data for inventory, PP&E, pensions, stock options, income taxes, business segments, geographic segments and more.

#1 In Data Quality

Every item passes through hundreds of checks for quality and consistency.

100% Transparency

Audit any standardized value in TagniFi Footnotes to view its calculation details and source document.

#1 In Data Consistency

We use a company’s XBRL tags to ensure data is standardized consistently over time and with its peers.

Low Latency

Data is processed within minutes of its filing, making it the timeliest data in the industry.

Point-In-Time Capable

Every item in TagniFi Footnotes is time-stamped to make back-testing a snap.