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Searchable company profiles for over 7,000 companies.
Easily copy tickers for pasting into Excel models.
Real-time market updates for the companies you track.
Customize stock charts to view a company’s historical stock performance.
Quick search for companies and deals with one-click.
Search for companies using keyword, industry, size or valuation metrics.
Search for M&A transactions using keyword, industry, or size.
View a company’s competitors with one-click.

Super powers for your company research.

Take your company research to the next level with the TagniFi Console. Easily search, analyze and transfer to Excel.

Company Search

Search for companies by industry, size, valuation, keyword and more

Company Financials

Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement data.


Easily browse a company’s competitors for better public comps.

Acquisition Activity

View a company’s acquisition activity with one-click access to detail on each deal.

Analyst Estimates & Recommendations

Identify trends for each company’s analyst estimates and  recommendations.

Company News

Stay in the know with real-time news from around the web for each company.

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Company Search

Deal Search

Company Analysis

M&A deal data on-demand.

Take your M&A deal research to the next level with the TagniFi Console. Easily search, analyze and transfer to Excel.

Deal Search

Search for deals by industry, size, type, keyword and more.

Deal Advisors

Identify financial and legal advisors active in your industries.

Valuation Multiples

Analyze deal valuation multiples for enterprise and equity value multiples.

Purchase Price Allocations

Analyze the purchase price allocations from the acquirer’s annual report.

Deal Premiums

Easily identify deal premiums for calculating industry-specific control premiums.

Consideration Detail

Every deal includes the detail on the type and amount of consideration paid by the acquirer.

TagniFi Excel Plugin

The TagniFi Excel plugin streamlines your company and industry analysis in Excel. Simply enter your ticker symbols to run your models with valuations multiples, growth rates, ratios and more calculated automatically.