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Download Excel Plugin
Change the ticker symbol and new data populates your model within seconds.
All standardized data includes the as-reported transparency to easily audit the data.
Easily create your own models and reports with the TagniFi Function Builder.
All standardized data includes a link to the source filing where it was collected.
Easily search for companies matching your criteria.
Choose from dozens of pre-built Excel models that can be easily modified for your needs.
Creates a copy of your current model with values in place of TagniFi functions for easy sharing.

From 10-Q to your Excel models. Within seconds.

TagniFi's acclaimed Excel plugin provides you with an affordable solution for powering Excel models with the industry's best financial data.


Automate your Excel models with dynamic links to financials, stock prices, deals, economic data, analyst estimates and recommendations.


Build custom TagniFi functions with the easy-to-use Function Builder. Once your function is ready simply copy-and-paste it into any Excel model.


Audit any standardized value in TagniFi Fundamentals by right-clicking on the cell to view the calculation details and source document.

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See how the TagniFi Excel Plugin is helping investment and finance professionals automate their analysis in Excel. The demo will cover:

Excel Models

Function Builder

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Excel capabilities to help you succeed.

3 more reasons why the TagniFi Excel plugin is changing how analysts use financial data.


Get started downloading data with the free Excel models linked to TagniFi data. Change the ticker symbol and the model instantly updates with new data.


Perfect for sharing models with colleagues or clients, Save As Values creates a copy of your current model with all TagniFi data converted to values.


Easily search for companies and deals by keyword, industry, SIC code or NAICS code. Then export the list to Excel for your analysis.

TagniFi Console

TagniFi Console is for searching and reviewing TagniFi data including companies, M&A deals and more. Easily copy and paste tickers or deal IDs into Excel for a seamless integration into your Excel models.