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A modern financial data API for innovative companies and developers.

Low-Latency Standardized Financials

Point-In-Time Datasets

3 Standardized Industry Templates

500+ Financial Statement Tags

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API Features

8 reasons why the TagniFi API is changing how developers use financial data.

Point-In-Time Capable

Add back-testing to your app’s capabilities with our built in point-in-time capabilities.

As-Reported Transparency

Every item includes the as-reported detail and a link to the source document.

Industry-Specific Data

With different templates for commercial, banking and insurance. We’ve got you covered.


The TagniFi Livestream Feed delivers data to your system withing minutes of a filing.

#1 In Data Quality

All TagniFi data passes through hundreds of quality checks before entering your system.


Responses are in a developer-friendly JSON format, making it easy to consume data for your system.


We’ve documented all of the details for the API so that you can be up and running with minimal effort.

Flexible Licensing

We own most of our data so we can be flexible to fit your business requirements.