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For Private Equity

Built for deal makers.

TagniFi helps middle-market private equity firms find and close better deals with better data.

  • Private Company Data
  • Public Comps
  • M&A Transaction Comps
  • Advisor Data
  • Industry Data
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See Why Private Equity Firms Are Switching To TagniFi

TagniFi helps emerging private equity firms deliver better returns with better data.

Private Company Profiles

Find private companies and executive contacts by size, industry, or keyword.

Better Public Comps

Run public comps in seconds with your valuation date and ticker symbols in Excel.

M&A Transaction Comps

Find deal terms for strategic and financial deals by keyword, industry, size, and more.

Excel Plugin

Supercharge your Excel models with any data from the TagniFi platform.

Advisor Outreach

Search and monitor both financial and legal advisors in your target industries.

Industry-Specific Data

Use key interest rates and industry-specific economic data in your financial models.

TagniFi Console

TagniFi Console is a search engine for the capital markets. Search and analyze companies, deals, investors, advisors, people, funds, and more. Easily take your analysis to Excel with one click.

TagniFi Excel Plugin

The TagniFi Excel plugin supercharges your Excel models with any data from the TagniFi platform. Build your own functions or use a pre-built model from the TagniFi Model Library to get started within seconds.