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TagniFi is used by innovators in finance and investing to do more with better data. We're helping clients in the following areas. How can we help you?


See how innovative advisors are using TagniFi to deliver more value to their clients. From identifying companies with TagniFi Web to analyzing them with the TagniFi Excel plugin, advisors are doing more with TagniFi.


Learn how innovative investors are using TagniFi to identify and analyze companies more efficiently for better investment results. From public companies to private deals, TagniFi is empowering investors with a new level of data.


See how innovative corporations are using TagniFi to build value within their companies. From identifying acquisition candidates to benchmarking against peers, TagniFi is empowering corporations with better data for better results.


Learn how innovative non-profits are using TagniFi to go deeper into the financial performance of the companies they research. From Footnotes to low-latency Fundamentals, TagniFi is helping non-profits with better data for better research.