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How TagniFi Automates Business Valuation

TagniFi’s financial data platform empowers business valuation professionals to quickly and easily build highly accurate financial models with full transparency—and within seconds.

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See Why Business Valuation Firms Are Switching To TagniFi

TagniFi's advanced financial data technology provides you with an affordable, all-in-one solution that makes the business valuation process more profitable.


Search for public companies with TagniFi Web. Simply enter your valuation date and ticker symbols in Excel to run a guideline public company method.


Search for public and private M&A transactions with TagniFi Web. Run your transaction comps within seconds by pasting the Deal ID into your Excel model.


Automate the interest rates and economic data in your valuation report using the TagniFi Excel plugin. Choose from over 200,000 time series available.

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See how the TagniFi platform is helping business valuation professionals with better data. The demo will cover:

Excel Plugin Features

Excel Models for Business Valuation

Searching for Companies and Deals

    Business Valuation Made Easier from Start to Finish

    In addition to all of the public company and deal data, TagniFi has the extra tools you need to make your business valuation process more efficient.


    Designed exclusively for BV professionals, the Quarterly Economic Update provides timely economic data and commentary to satisfy Revenue Ruling 59-60.


    Calculate historical beta and volatility as of your valuation date automatically. Simply enter the tickers and valuation date in Excel and TagniFi does the rest.


    Calculate forward multiples for your guideline public company method as of your valuation date. Estimates are available for revenue, EBITDA and EPS.

    TagniFi Console

    TagniFi Console is for searching and analyzing companies, deals and more. Easily take your analysis to Excel by copying tickers and deal IDs with one click.

    TagniFi Excel Plugin

    The TagniFi Excel plugin streamlines your guideline public company method. Simply enter your ticker symbols and valuation date to run your report with valuation multiples, growth rates, ratios and more calculated automatically.

    How We Compare

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