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Quantitative Funds

From 10-Q To Your Models. In Minutes.

TagniFi is powering quantitative funds with low-latency standardized financials and footnotes delivered within minutes of a company filing.

Low-Latency Financials

Power your quantitative models with fully-standardized financials delivered within minutes of a company filing.

Standardized Footnotes

Access the data beneath the financial statements for more predictive power and opportunity for alpha.

Discover More Alpha In Data

Leverage financial statement and footnote data for alpha discovery in your quantitative models.

Point-In-Time Backtesting

Backtest without survivorship bias using point-in-time data with a time stamp on every item collected.

Schedule A Demo

See how the TagniFi platform is helping quantitative funds with better data. The demo will cover:

The TagniFi Process

TagniFi Datasets

Livestream Data Feed