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Announcing A Better Way To Find Public Comps

By March 11, 2021No Comments

One of the most challenging aspects of running public comps is actually finding a company’s competitors. We’ve just made that process much easier with our new Comps card available in the TagniFi Console.

Our new Comps card lists a company’s competitors key metrics with one click:

Size Metrics

  • Market capitalization
  • Enterprise value
  • Revenue
  • Total assets

Valuation Metrics

  • Price To Earnings
  • Earnings Yield
  • Price To Revenue

Profitability Metrics

  • Gross Margin
  • EBITDA Margin
  • Operating Margin
  • Net Profit Margin

To develop a company’s list of competitors we’ve used the following sources:

  • The company’s own 10-K filing where they list competitors
  • Other 10-K filings mentioning the company as a competitor
  • Companies with a similar segment classification in the TagniFi Industrial Classification System (TICS).

The competitor lists are also available in Excel, allowing you to automatically run your own comps analysis for any of the more than 8,000 public companies covered. Here is an example for pulling in the ID for Microsoft’s first competitor:


We’ve also made this data available via our API if you would like to include competitors in your own application(s).