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Announcing Free Comparable Company Searches

By July 17, 2015No Comments

This morning we’ve opened up our Company Search tool for free. You can search for comparable companies by keyword, SIC code, industry classification or NAICS code to find comps for your analysis.


Here are few tips to help get you started:

  • SIC and NAICS Code Ranges: Use an asterisk (*) to return all companies in a range of SIC codes. For example, 512* will return all companies with an SIC code between 5120 and 5129. 51* would return all companies with SIC codes between 5100 and 5199. The same approach works for NAICS codes.
  • Keyword Wildcards: The keyword searches use wildcards by default. For example, you wanted to find all companies that has either “manufacturer” or “manufacturing” in their description you would search for “manufactur” to return both.
  • Copy Tickers to Rows or Columns: At the bottom of the search results you can choose to copy the tickers as rows or columns which makes it easy to paste them directly into your TagniFi models.

TagniFi Company Search Tool