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Announcing Version 5.0 of the TagniFi Excel Plugin

By November 13, 2020No Comments

Today we’re releasing a new version of our Excel plugin (Version 5.0) which includes the following upgrades:

  • Reader Mode – The TagniFi Excel plugin now works as a free reader for users without a TagniFi subscription, For example, you can have your clients install the TagniFi Excel plugin which will allow them to review and edit your Excel models with TagniFi functions. Note that no data will be updated in reader mode and certain features will be disabled such as right-click audit and the model library.
  • Auto-Refresh Enable/Disable – To avoid having Excel recalculate TagniFi functions when working with large models (ex. when inserting or deleting rows or columns), users can now disable the automatic refresh of TagniFi functions. To enable or disable auto-refresh, select Excel > TagniFi > Settings > Auto Refresh Enabled and it will toggle to Auto Refresh Disabled.
  • Convert From Values – Version 5.0 also includes the ability to import Excel models that have been converted to values using the Save As Values feature. To convert an Excel model from values, select Excel TagniFi > Convert From Values and it will convert your hard-coded model back into a TagniFi model with working functions.  Also, you will notice that models converted to values now have the TagniFi function included as a note in the cell.

Download the TagniFi Excel Plugin