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Automate Your Guideline Public Company Approach

By December 3, 2015No Comments

We love helping our clients. We also love hearing how much they love our product. One of our business valuation clients recently told us we’re saving him $5,000 on each guideline public company approach. Here is how he arrived at that figure:


The TagniFi Way The Old Fashioned Way
Hours to Collect 5 Years of Financial Data (Per Company) 0 4
Number of Comparable Companies 8 8
Total Hours to Collect Financial Data 0 36
Hours to Search for Comparable Companies 0 8
Hours to Calculate Multiples, Ratios and Metrics 0 8
Total Hours per Market Approach 0 52
Billable Rate $100 $100
Labor Cost of Market Approach $0 $5,200
Cost of TagniFi Pro $299 $0
Total Cost of Market Approach $299 $5,200

Download a sample guideline public company report (PDF) created with the TagniFi Excel add-in.

View a video walk through of the guideline public company model.