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How To Add Links to SEC Filings

By August 10, 2015No Comments

We recently updated the Ratio Analysis Excel model to include links to view the source filing where that period’s data originated. Here is what the link looks like:

Ratio Analysis Links


When a user clicks on “View 10-K” in this model they will be directed the the 10-K where we pulled the data for that period. Here is the link for the period in this model:


Here is how we built this dynamic link in this model:

The formula in this cell is:

=HYPERLINK(F88,"View "&F89)

Getting the Filing Link

In cell F88 we’ve included the link to the filing using this TagniFi function for Microsoft’s 2011 fiscal year (note: this function has been modified to use hard-coded inputs for simplification):


Note the bold “filing_link” that is telling Excel to return the link to the source filing for that period.

Getting the Filing Type

In cell F89 we’ve included the filing type using this TagniFi function:


Again, note the bold “filing_type” that is telling Excel to return the type of filing where this data was sourced.

We could have built all of this into one large formula. However, if you use the Save As Values feature in the TagniFi Excel add-in the link will not work when it’s converted to values. For this reason we recommend using the cell references in our original example.