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Model Vs. Market

Model Vs. Market: The Dow 30

By September 22, 2015No Comments

“In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.” ― Benjamin Graham

In today’s Model Vs. Market post we are going to look at the valuations of each industrial component of the Dow 30. The following table is a result of valuing each industrial company in the Dow 30 using a 10% cost of capital. The table is sorted in descending order with the most undervalued companies at the top (most update) and the most overvalued (most downside) company at the bottom. With the margin of safety set to 15% there are only 3 companies appear to be undervalued. These companies are Microsoft, Cisco and Intel.

Dow 30 092215

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This valuation model was created by extrapolating the last 5 years of performance into the next 5 years of performance. Before making an investment decision you should run your own model with your own assumptions based on your own research of the company. Download a hard copy of this model to perform your own valuation and let us know what you think shares of the company are worth on Twitter @tagnifi. For the full version with links to the TagniFi database, please download the full Discounted Cash Flow Analysis model.

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