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New Excel Models

New Excel Model: Ratio Analysis

By July 13, 2015No Comments

Are you looking to compare a company’s financial performance over time? If so, ratios provide a excellent tool for evaluating a company’s performance and trends. We’ve just released a new model that will make this exercise as simple as entering a ticker symbol to compute annual, year-to-date and trailing twelve month ratios on thousands of companies in the Commercial & Industrial industry template for TagniFi Fundamentals.


Here is a list of ratios included with this model:

Profitability Ratios
Gross Profit Margin
Pre-Tax Profit Margin
Net Profit Margin

Management Effectiveness Ratios
Return on Equity
Return on Invested Capital
Return on Assets

Efficiency Ratios
Inventory Turnover
Receivables Turnover
Receivables Per Day Sales
Asset Turnover
Revenue Per Dollar of Cash
Revenue Per Dollar of PP&E (Net)
Revenue Per Dollar of Common Equity
Revenue Per Dollar of Invested Capital
Revenue Per Dollar of Receivables
Revenue Per Dollar of Inventory
Revenue Per Dollar of Assets

Liquidity Ratios
Quick Ratio
Current Ratio

Valuation Ratios
Enterprise Value to EBITDA
Enterprise Value to Revenue
Price to Book Value
Price to Tangible Book Value
Price to Earnings

Leverage Ratios
Short-Term Debt to EBITDA
Long-Term Debt to EBITDA
Total Debt to EBITDA
Total Debt to Equity
Total Debt to Invested Capital

Coverage Ratios
EBITDA to Interest Expense
EBIT to Interest Expense
Free Cash Flow to Interest Expense

Per Share Ratios
Current Assets Per Share
Total Assets Per Share
Total Debt Per Share
Current Liabilities Per Share
Cash Per Share
Short-Term Investments Per Share
Long-Term Investments Per Share
Revenue Per Share
Book Value Per Share
Tangible Book Value Per Share
EBITDA Per Share
CapEx Per Share
Free Cash Flow Per Share

If there are other ratios you would like to include to customize your ratio analysis, send us a note and we will send you a custom model with your requested ratios included.

Download this model.