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New Feature: Quarterly Cash Flow Statement Data

By February 9, 2017No Comments

Companies typically only report their cash flow statements on a year-to-date basis. For example, a 3rd quarter filing will typically include a cash flow statement for the 9-month period ended September 30th but not the 3-month period ended September 30th. If you wanted to analyze the quarterly cash flow for this company you would need to review the previous filing from the 2nd quarter and subtract those values from the 3rd quarter cash flow statement to calculate the quarterly cash flow. This process can be time consuming and tricky to model since it only applies to quarters 2 through 4.

We’re happy to announce that you can now access quarterly cash flow statement data directly from the TagniFi Fundamentals dataset without the need to run this calculation. Simply request any tag from the cash flow statement for any fiscal quarter and the calculated value will automatically be returned. In addition, the source data is 100% auditable with all of the detail for the quarterly cash flow tags.

Here is an example request in Excel for Apple’s purchase of investments for Q4-2014:

This request returned ($30,372,000,000) which indicates that Apple purchased $30.4 billion of investments in the 4th quarter. If you right-click on this cell to view the source data it shows how this value was calculated. Specifically, Apple’s Q4-2016 year-to-date purchases of investments was $143.8 billion minus the Q3-2016 year-to-date value of $113.4 results in the $30.4 billion value for the quarter.