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TagniFi Announces Free Program for Business Schools

By January 7, 2020No Comments

TAMPA, Fla.Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TagniFi today announced a new program providing business schools with free access to the TagniFi platform, which includes detailed financial, market, economic and M&A data. Accredited business schools in the U.S. are eligible for the new program which provides each student and faculty member with direct access to the TagniFi platform at no cost.

“We’re very excited about this new program and opportunity to work with tomorrow’s business leaders,” said Chad Sandstedt, Co-Founder and CEO of TagniFi. “We see this as a win-win-win program where business schools can reduce or eliminate their data spend, students and faculty gain access to one of the most innovative financial databases in the market, and we get our brand in front of tomorrow’s financial data consumers.”

The TagniFi platform includes eight datasets ranging from fundamentals to footnotes, with everything accessible via the TagniFi Console, available at https://tagnifi.com. Built on top of the highest quality financial data in the industry, the TagniFi Console delivers instant search results in a customizable format. The TagniFi Console lets you easily search for companies by size, industry, keyword, SiC code, NAICS code or financial criteria. You can also search for public and private M&A transactions by deal structure, deal size, keyword, industry, SIC code and more.

In addition, TagniFi is also including access to its highly acclaimed Excel add-in as part of this new program. The TagniFi Excel add-in allows users to link their Excel models with any data from the TagniFi platform. For example, users can run a financial analysis on any of 7,000+ public companies simply by entering ticker symbols. Also included is the TagniFi Model Library with one-click access to dozens of pre-built Excel models already linked to the TagniFi platform.

Free training will be available via the new TagniFi University which will provide videos and webinars on using both the TagniFi Console and TagniFi Excel add-in.

About TagniFi

TagniFi is a financial data platform for investment and finance professionals available online, in Excel or through an API. TagniFi uses tagged financial data to deliver more accurate, timely and cost-effective data solutions to its clients in the investment management, advisory and professional services markets.