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TagniFi Debuts Closed End Mutual Fund Dataset

By July 30, 2020No Comments

New database covers every listed closed-end mutual fund in the US

Tampa, FL – TagniFi, a modern financial data platform for finance and investment professionals, today released a comprehensive dataset of closed-end mutual funds. The new database, TagniFi Funds, contains 20 years of daily historical data for every publicly traded closed-end mutual fund in the US.

TagniFi customers will automatically receive access to TagniFi Funds, allowing them to search and analyze 20 years of historical closed-end fund data, including:

  • Fund Category and Subcategory
  • Discount or Premium to NAV
  • Yield
  • Net Assets
  • Percent (%) Top 10 Holdings
  • Percent (%) Leverage

Until the release of TagniFi Funds, access to comprehensive closed-end fund data has been reserved for clients of legacy financial data terminals with pricing that is out of reach for most finance and investment professionals. With TagniFi Funds, historical closed-end fund data is now available at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing data quality or capabilities. The point-in-time dataset allows clients to access any of the data historically, not just for the latest trading day. For example, clients can calculate the historical discount or yield for funds as-of any date back to July 2000 for valuation or analysis purposes.

“Our clients have been asking for historical closed-end fund data to help them easily analyze market discounts and premiums along with other fund characteristics such as size, yield, leverage, and concentration,” said Chad Sandstedt, Co-Founder and CEO of TagniFi. “TagniFi Funds fills an immediate need in the market outside of the $30,000/year data terminal so we expect this will be a very popular dataset for finance and investment professionals.”

Existing clients can begin using data from TagniFi Funds in their Excel models with the highly acclaimed TagniFi Excel plugin by selecting Browse Models > TagniFi Funds and entering a closed end fund’s ticker. Searching for closed-end funds is accomplished using the new Funds search on the TagniFi Console at tagnifi.com. Clients can search by keyword, category, subcategory, yield, size, leverage, top ten holdings, discount, and more.

About TagniFi

TagniFi is a financial data platform for investment and finance professionals available online, in Excel or through an API. TagniFi’s advanced financial data technology delivers more accurate, timely and cost-effective data solutions to clients in the investment management, advisory and professional services markets. Learn more at tagnifi.com.