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TagniFi Debuts Standardized Footnotes Dataset at BattleFin Miami

By January 21, 2020No Comments

TagniFi, a modern financial data platform for finance and investment professionals, will release its newest dataset of standardized footnotes at BattleFin, January 27-28 in Miami. The new dataset, TagniFi Footnotes, delivers 33 standardized footnote sections to provide an unprecedented level of detail on the financial condition of public companies. The dataset will initially cover all non-financial companies in the Russell 1000 with new companies being added to coverage daily. This coverage represents approximately 90% of the total US market capitalization.

TagniFi Footnotes covers the 33 financial disclosures used most by investors with over 160 standardized tags. From business segments to income taxes, the new dataset makes analyzing footnote data possible with standardization. The taxonomy and documentation for TagniFi Footnotes is available for review at https://docs.tagnifi.com.

Until the release of TagniFi Footnotes, access to standardized footnote data was very limited with only a handful of items typically covered by the legacy data vendors. With TagniFi Footnotes, the information behind the face financials is now available in a format that can be used across companies and industries. For example, instead of delivering only the total income taxes for a period, TagniFi Footnotes delivers the current and deferred income taxes at the federal, state, foreign and other levels. TagniFi’s standardization process ensures that all footnotes are presented in a similar fashion making comparison and analysis possible across companies and industries.

“Clients and prospect have been asking for standardized footnote data since we started the company in 2015,” said Chad Sandstedt, Co-Founder and CEO of TagniFi. “I’m very excited about the launch of TagniFi Footnotes and the analysis that it makes possible for our clients. The level of detail available in TagniFi Footnotes is a game-changer for analyzing companies and I’m incredibly proud of our team for delivering such a powerful new dataset. Our clients will make better decisions because of this dataset.”

The TagniFi Footnotes dataset is currently available in the TagniFi Excel plugin and the TagniFi application programming interface (API) for integration into client systems and applications. TagniFi Footnotes will also be added to the TagniFi Console for searching and analyzing companies via the web.

About TagniFi

TagniFi is a financial data platform for investment and finance professionals available online, in Excel or through an API. TagniFi’s advanced financial data technology delivers more accurate, timely and cost-effective data solutions to clients in the investment management, advisory and professional services markets. Learn more at tagnifi.com.