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TagniFi Opens Its Fundamentals Dataset via API

By November 5, 2013No Comments

New Approach Will Democratize Access to Standardized Financial Data and Foster Innovation in Financial Technology

TAMPA, FL – November 5, 2013 – TagniFi is opening its TagniFi Fundamentals dataset through its API, providing on-demand access to standardized financial data on publicly-traded companies and private companies with public debt. All data will be available at no charge to invited beta testers. To request an invite to the beta test, please visit www.tagnifi.com/signup.

Coverage currently includes more than $7.5 trillion of market capitalization with more than 10 new companies being mapped daily. Once a company is mapped, standardized financial data will be available within minutes of future filings, providing investors with market intelligence before it becomes available from traditional data sources. After the commercial and industrial dataset is complete, future industry templates will include banking and savings, broker-dealers, insurance, real estate and investment companies. The database currently includes over 750,000 validated balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement facts.

“Financial data is entering a new era of accessibility and openness with the release of TagniFi Fundamentals through our API,” said Chad Sandstedt, TagniFi’s co-founder and CEO. “We look forward to seeing innovative applications developed that leverage its capabilities and rich metadata, such as source transparency with links to the SEC filing and date stamps for back-testing.”

Once the mapping of commercial and industrial filers is complete, the new dataset will provide affordable access on a pay-per-use basis. Pricing has yet to be determined but is expected to be available at a fraction of the legacy data providers’ pricing due to the use of TagniFi’s XBRL collection system which delivers unprecedented accuracy and consistency. In addition, no annual contracts or minimum volume commitments will be required.

About TagniFi

TagniFi is building a better financial database for leading investment, research and content organizations using a collection process that results in more timely, cleaner and consistent data. For more information on TagniFi, visit www.tagnifi.com.