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Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) Data

By October 11, 2016No Comments

We’re excited to announce the availability of Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) data in TagniFi Fundamantals. The new TTM data makes it easy to analyze the twelve month period for any fiscal quarter, even if that fiscal quarter is not the fiscal year end. Previously our members were calculating trailing twelve month data by adding the current year-to-date (YTD) data to the latest fiscal year and then subtracting our the previous year’s YTD data. The new TTM period in TagniFi does this automatically, making trailing twelve month calculations a snap.

TTM data is useful in analyzing companies mid-year or comparing companies with different fiscal year ends. For example, Apple uses a September fiscal year end and Microsoft uses a June fiscal year end. With TTM data its easy to analyze these companies on a comparable calendar period.

TTM data can be requested for any tag on the income statement or cash flow statement from any of our industry templates (commercial and industrial, banking and savings, or insurance). To build a TTM function for Excel, simply use “trailing_twelve_month” or “TTM” for the period type. Here is an example of an Excel function requesting Apple’s trailing twelve month revenue for Q3-2015:


We also provide the source data of how the TTM data was computed. This can be accessed just like the source data for any tag, by right-clicking on the cell and selecting View Source Data. Here is an example of the source data for Apple’s Q3-2015 TTM revenue.