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Why We’re Opening TagniFi Markets (For Free)

By July 6, 2015No Comments

Today we’re announcing the opening of the TagniFi Markets dataset, making quality end-of-day market data available for free. This applies both to consumption and re-distribution so you are welcome to do whatever you want with the data once you pull it down via Excel or API. The only catch is that we’re asking for attribution if you use the data in public.

Why would we give away something that other companies charge for?

  • There is a lot of bad market data floating around out there. We don’t want investors making decisions based on market data scraped from sites such as Yahoo Finance that may or may not be accurate (not to mention illegal). Bad data leads to bad investment decisions and that is not good for anyone in our industry in the long run.
  • We want to sell you our fundamental data. That is our core business and what we think we’re really good at. We pay to license market data to use with our fundamental data so that our users can compute market-driven ratios and data points. For example, items such as price-to-earnings ratios or market capitalization require end-of-day market data so we already have this data sitting in our database and being updated every night.
  • Having a large number of users hitting our API or Excel add-in is a great test of our system. We think we’ve built one of the more robust delivery systems for financial data and giving away market data will allow us to test the system.

We think free market data is a win-win for everyone. We get exposure to potential customers. Fintech startups get access to investment-grade end-of-day market data for free. If you have a need for investment-grade end-of-day market data, please sign up for a free TagniFi key.