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TagniFi is Open

By July 6, 2015No Comments

We’re really excited to announce that TagniFi is open for business. Investors and financial professionals now have an option for affordable and accurate financial data. Until now you’ve either paid an ivy league tuition for investment-grade financial data or you’ve settled for financial data full of errors and inconsistencies. Today that changes.

A New Web Site

Our new web site is live! Check it out at www.tagnifi.com. Sign up for a free account and start accessing the TagniFi datasets instantly.

3,000 Company Milestone

TagniFi Fundamentals now includes investment-grade financial statement data on over 3,000 companies representing 98% of the U.S. market capitalization.

A New Excel Add-In

We’ve released a new TagniFi Excel add-in with new features and a simpler installation process. Download it today and start using your new Excel super powers.

2 New Datasets

We’re opening up 2 new datasets to compliment our existing data:

  • TagniFi Markets contains end-of-day market data for equities and ETFs.
  • TagniFi Macro is an economic dataset with more than 280,000 time series to choose from including CPI, treasury rates, GDP, unemployment rates, money supply, and employment statistics.

3 New Pricing Plans

We’re also announcing 3 new pricing plans:

  • On-Demand Free
  • On-Demand Plus ($99/month)
  • On-Demand Pro ($299/month)

A special thanks goes out to those who helped with beta testing. Your feedback was invaluable in preparing us for today’s commercial launch.


P.S. – Please follow us on Twitter at @tagnifi and let us know how we’re doing.